Investigations of the Ghost Stories Unit at the University of Nottingham School of Architecture.

Unit Head:                  Mani Lall

Studio Tutors:            Smaranda Ghinita & Charlie Simpson


Question, consider, explore & make…Ghost Stories…

The intangible…what and where are the Ghosts? What is implied yet so ethereal that it is beyond immediate definition but suggests, contains and proposes so much?

To develop an understanding of the Unit and projects through exploratory investigations of intangible elements, which reveal and suggest proposals for further investigations and tectonic responses.

Through making and crafting of objects, which explore and reflect conditions or states between elements within and of the built environment. Through models, drawings, photography and film that will unravel the topographical tapestry, expose events and reveal intimacies that are the essence of place, object and dialogue.

What are the mythological, ritualistic and temporal significance’s of this place and time, which could be explored to develop a nuanced investigation and proposal?

How will this be considered? Where and when is or was this event? What could happen now…? Where do the delicate threads of the glimpse, the moment lead to?

Questions such as these and similar shall instigate initial explorations, to unravel the weave and initiate a dialogue that will encompass projects.

Finally to propose and develop a body of work which becomes the overarching narrative through which the investigations, explorations and proposals have been considered, revealed and presented.