Andy Cheng

Sacred Offerings

The notion of a kitchen is one, which is universally thought of as a place where we cook and, in most cases, eat. However, delving deeper into this notion, a darker, much more gruesome phenomena arises. A procession… A ritual…A ceremony, occurs within the kitchen… The presence of sacrifice.

The notion of sacrifice is no longer thought of in present day society, however, it was prominent in religious history as well as cult history. The act of sacrifice, in animal terms, is an offering to god to maintain relations as well as to provide a temporary covering of sin (Leviticus 4:35, 5:10). However, there is more than just sacrificing animals. Humans were sacrificed throughout religion, ultimately through Jesus, and also through groups such as the Aztecs.

Therefore, throughout this project, I will be investigating the link between sacrifice and a kitchen and aim to design a structure in which these two elements co-exist. The procession of a kitchen, butchering and then cooking these animals can be thought of as sacrifice to God. However, in a restaurant, what motives do they have to sacrifice these animals?

How does the notion of human sacrifice come in to play?… And ultimately, who is this God they are sacrificing to?

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