Adam Plastow

The Phenomenology of Water

The spa will be a sensory experience, allowing a person to truly experience water. It will be a weaving of spaces, events and intimacies, where a person is always either in, surrounded by, or next to water.

The interplay of light and shadow dancing upon the water and the brilliant reflections this casts on walls will create spaces in constant motion, with the relaxing rhythm of nature dictating the patterns cast within them.

The constant rhythm of the water in motion within the quiet spaces will be constantly in the ears of the relaxing users. The sound of trickling water moving from place to place and the delicate slashing of users entering pools will add to the sensory experience. The sound of water is relaxing, which is ideal for a spa, a building dedicated to relaxation.

The gentle caress of water on the skin when swimming, relaxing in a hot tub, or dipping your feet in the pool literally surrounds the individual with water, but even when not touching water I want an individual to feel surrounded by it, in a building that is a network of spaces filled with water, located in the centre of Brayford pool.

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