Matthew Poon


The Librarian acts as the keeper of fragments, of moments and tragedies of Whitby that are lost and hidden. The construct additionally mediates between the the plateau, the cliffs and the sea acting as a beacon….a warning to others….not to come too close…not to become another lost moment.


The Confession…

We linger in the air,
Clinging to you without your knowledge?  Yet you know of us.

You make us every minute of every day,
You speak us into being, rarely seen, little known.

We obtain your darkest secrets,
your sins, the unspoken words,
The emotional truths,
The twisted admissions that have been uttered from your lips,

Conjured from the depths of your thoughts,
nothing but pure thought,
The rawness of the avowal is captured within us.

We are your dreams,
Your humiliations,
Your happiness, envy, anger, Your fears,
Left to float aimlessly in the wind.


Your confession..


Jasmine McKenzie