Clement Laurencio

Arachne’s Lair

The City of Lincoln is iconised by the presence of Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral. Whilst these colossal structures are still an imposing presence, we have lost the sounds, voices and colours, which used to resonate within these giants. They are now empty vessels intimating a ritualistic nuance of a life that once was.

This project attempts to redress this scenario. It proposes a gesture; one, which implies and reinforces the perpetual historical manifestations and phenomenologically places the inhabitant within the temporal tapestry of the City.

With every passing moment, tones, auditory manifestations and life of the City are recorded and inscribed into a strand of spider silk, harvested from the Golden-Orb Weaver. This fragment is then woven into a giant gossamer tapestry, which records all the sensory intimacies which form the macro-scale gestures of the city.

Hiding within the shadow of the Cathedral, embedded within the ruins of the Old Bishop’s Palace, Arachne’s Lair will become a new beacon for the city, where the Tower continually transforms, as the Tapestry is archived within the façade.

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