Jianghai Hu

Gates of Heaven

The main conceptual idea is inspired by the idea of Samsara which explored the cycle of life- Birth, Dec­adence, Death and Rebrith. The building will build on the ruins of bishop’s palace which destroy during the civil war. There are four main constructions during this project – the space of embalming, the chapel, crematorium, and the tower of cemetery.

The body in crematorium will accept Embalming first. Embalming is a process washing the body and protects the body from decay in a short period. On the other hand, in aspect of some religion, after people dead, the sins still follow the soul of deceased, the process of embalming is not only clears the dirty from the body, but also clears the sins of deceased. Therefor, the main idea in the space of em­balming is created a sense as explored the soul from the body and Provide the soul a purification.

In aspect of religion, Christian symbolism cathedral as a ship of god to carry their souls through the storm of their life. In addition, the tower of cathedral is a connection during the axis mundi that connects with heaven, earth and underworld. In other words, the cathedral could be symbolism the edge between the heaven, earth and underworld. In space of chapel will employ the those ideas to cre­ated a space as a edge between the spiritual world and the earth.

In aspect of Buddhism, Buddhist they the heat of uterus provide energy to the soul of fetus and the heat of cremation is release the soul from the body. In space of crematorium, I will create the sense as the departure of the soul from the body to heaven. In addition, this space also employed the idea of styx that is a boundary of earth and underworld.

The tower of cemetery employed the idea of holy garden at the top of Lincoln Castle, graves have been build under a tree.

In my understanding, it has a similar idea of sky burial and hanging coffins, which is place and return the body in a holy space the heaven. It means the soul will return to the immortal space as the idea of Samsara depicts the original point of all life born.

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