Leong Pang

Water Consciousness

The intent of this project is to design a water treatment works, where the filtered water will be supplied to the city, and the residue will be used to produce artwork to represent the historical events.

This artwork will be displayed in an exhibition centre connecting to the water treatment works. The function of the design symbolizes the history, which we only focus on the filtrate, the city as it is today, but we forget about things that are filtered, the events that molded the city.

The treatment work will not be industrial scale, it will be able to sustain itself and part of the city; it will be open to public educate them about the filtration process. The connecting exhibition centre will be a gallery but much more educational in terms of the history of the city.

The water treatment works will consist of both indoor and outdoor spaces, and the exhibition space will be indoor, well lit and spacious. It will be a functional public space that helps tourists or even locals to perceive this city is a much deeper level.

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