Nikolay Runtev

Monastery for Dreams

The notion of dreams have inspired thousands throughout the years. It has captured the minds of authors, painters, musicians and any type of artists. The dream world would seem as an endless source of inspiration and hidden knowledge.

What if there was a way to tap in and completely take control of your dream scenario? Wouldn’t that allow one to have a direct access to his dynamic sub­conscious? There is actually a huge amount of research on the matter. Conducted by scientific and occult specialists. It exists and it is called “lucid dreaming”.

Through this Project I will explore the possibility of using Architecture and the Build Environment to affect and improve someone’s lucid dreaming ability.

My client will be an artist who devoted his life into learning to control his dreams. Almost like a monk his routine would include experimenting with different methods to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Through Architecture I would like to find a symbiosis between my client’s experiments with dreams in his artistic needs. His ultimate goal is when reaching the state of control that he desires, to create something using the essence of the dream world and bring it back to everyday reality.


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