Nikola Shtetenski

The Temple of the Water Monks

This tangible element has the power to restore not only the physical health of the user but also bring harmony and inner peace into his soul. The healing abilities it wields are channeled through the vibrations of the surrounding environment and reflect into the structure of water, which acts as a mirror of our consciousness.

These abilities can be used therapeutically and medically to cure the body of biological illnesses as well as to resolve psychological problems.

All this knowledge has been used in the past through the performance of spiritual rituals and traditions found in many cultures around the world.

It is seen also in religious teachings and movements. What I will focus on through an architectural proposal will be to reintroduce these lost concepts of water by creating a place of spiritual enlightenment and harmony.

By bringing those notions back into the core of the city I hope to be able to restore the link between the body and soul.



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