Peiwen Xie


“in a world where technologies operate so fast that sight is the only human sense which can keep pace, architecture should emphasise other senses which remain more immediately resonant”

Peter Zumthor

We uses human senses to understand not only physical objects, but also intangible elements, such as relationship between people, feeling about places, stories happen around.

The storytelling process magnifies human senses, both in conceiving and perceiving side, or performers and audiences. Therefore, I decided to design a theatre; which thematically is about perception.

In this building, Visitors would take through a journey of, experience a glimpse of others’ stories, understand a story, and go back to their own stories.

Walking through the ruins structure, where visitors would have been dragged out in the past, they come out from the palace, arriving at a balcony, standing overlooking the city, just as the bishops did at the past. Functionally, this space would serve as an external waiting lounge, visitors would wait and enjoy the view of the city before entering the theatre.

In conclusion, the scheme aims to raising the sense of perception, to evoke the city’s memory through the theatrical and architectural experience both conjuring up memories for people.


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