Roshan Sehra

The Alchemy Guild

The theme encapsulating the entirety of the projects exploration is ultimately an alchemy guild.

Where alchemy relates to the transmutation from a lower state of being to a higher state of being, we can consider the essence of spiritualism, amidst the anatomy of immortality. The space of the guild can be considered as a branch of three individual functions, the museum of memories, the immortality chamber and the institute of enlightenment. The functions are a manifestation of relationships, which reverberate the initial design concepts embodied within my explorations.

Through the considerations of alchemist’s design methodologies, the approach to architecture will compose a balance between speculative thought processes involved in the spiritual cleansing of one’s soul, and the spectrum of historical to futuristic considerations of immortality.

A journey through the guild should ultimately lead to
an eventuality of spiritual enlightenment as a result of architectural representations of the City’s tapestry.


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