Sacha Bennett-Ford

Theatre of Ritual

“Ritual is the transcendence of function to the level of a meaningful act. “

Spiro Kostof

The Theatre of Ritual is a ceremonial performance of a series of acts where the guest reflects on their life.

It results in a choice either to be redeemed of their sins of their current life or alternatively to be preserved in time as ornaments for what they believe to be a superior future through the process of Cryonics.

The Bishop of Lincoln is the conductor of the ritual and the Cryonics process guiding the guests through each stage of the ritual. The Bishop is the leader of The Brotherhood, which consists of the Eternal Monks who will help oversee the performance of the building for eternity.

The origin of the project is inspired by the past, present and future of society; this concept dictates the spaces of the building.



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